In the name of ALLAH, most gracious, most merciful.

Haram-Cause Of Our Destruction.
Halal-One step towards Solution.


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FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS (USA) We do not recommend!

BASKIN-ROBBINS ICE CREAM We do not recommend!

Ice Cream varieties made with Alcohol containing Natural Flavors
The following ice cream flavors are manufactured with natural flavors containing alcohol as a solvent. All natural or artificial flavors are added to ice cream after pasteurization during the manufacturing of ice cream. So these flavors are never exposed to heat.
Muslims can consume these ice cream flavors mentioned below if they follow those Islamic scholars who considered a food product Halal if it contains minimum amount of alcohol which does not make him or her intoxicated. All Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors except those containing gelatin are Kosher certified:
Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pistachio Almond, Very Berry Strawberry, World Classic Chocolate, Banana Strawberry, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Mousse Royal, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, English Toffee, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Triple Chocolate Passion, Winter White Chocolate (12-18-03).Game Juice,Minute maid Ruby Red Grapefrui, Wrigley's products( Extra polar Ice Stick Gum,Juicy FruitA Pellet gum, Extra Polar Ice gum, OrbitA Crystal Mint, Juicy Fruit Grapermelon & Strappleberry gum,Altoids Mints, Our lifesaver Gummies, CreamSaver, LifeSaver Fusion & lifeSaver.

BURGER KING; We do not recommend!

Raw Fish Filet (but it is no use because where it fry), Sesame, Corn Dusted and Specialty Buns in Chicago area, Gary, Indiana and Milwaukee, Wisconsin are Halal. Grape and Strawberry Jams, Ketchup and Mustard are Halal (updated July 23, 2004).

RED LOBSTER We do not recommend! HALAL

Salad with lemon only without croutons, cheese, bacon bits and dressing
Broiled or Grilled fish with AA Butter or Salted Butter without any sauce
Baked Potato with AA Butter or Salted Butter

SUBWAY We do not recommend! HALAL

Only Tuna on Italian white or wheat bread with light mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato
Vegge Delight without pickle on white or wheat bread with light mayonnaise

TACO BELL We do not recommend! HALAL

Pinto Beans without artificial color, Hot and Mild Border Sauce, Fiesta Salsa, Guacamole, Jalapeno Peppers sliced, Nacho Chips, Potato Nuggets

PIZZA: All Pizzas are haram because of ingredients or cross-contamination. We do not recommend!


McDonald has informed MCG that the whey and dried yeast used in the fish coating are Halal. McDonald's fish fillet without cheese and tartar sauce but with mayonnaise is a Halal sandwich but their French Fries is still made with non-zabiha beef extract. But not recommended because fish is fried with other haram products!
Please check these products by calling 800 numbers every six months to make sure they did not changed the source of ingredients from non-animal to animal derived.